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Get More Milk with Hands-on Pumping

Using a breast pump is still the easiest way for working women to breastfeed their children. Mothers can pump and store their milk while at work, allowing a caretaker to bottle-feed it to the child when the mother is away. Breast milk can be stored at room temperature for up to six hours and can be refrigerated for up to eight days. And frozen...

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Breast Milk: Behind The Scenes

What if there was a special drink you could give to your baby that never had to be heated, prepped or stored? Better yet, what if it delivered the exact amount of fat, vitamins and minerals needed at just the right time? Now imagine that drink could protect your precious newborn from allergies, bad bacteria, viruses and even cancer. It even helps...

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Go Swimming. Go Braless. Go Confidently.

As moms we make a lot of sacrifices.   Often times those sacrifices are major life changes that affect us professionally, socially and even economically.  The commitment to breastfeed also comes with quite an extensive list of sacrifices.   I am sure if you give it some thought, you could draft your own list of things you miss from your...

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