LilyPadz is proud to announce that, starting in April, we will be partnering with The Baby Box Company. Since the 1930s, the Finnish government has given expecting mothers a box of baby supplies that can double as a crib. Michelle Vick and Jennifer Clary loved this idea so much that they decided to bring it to the whole world, in the form of The Baby Box Co. Instead of figuring out which baby supplies to get through trial and error, mothers can order The Baby Box and get plenty of supplies, discounts and other offers as they prepare for their new addition.

For every Baby Box that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping a new mother who is struggling to make ends meet. Baby Box’s mission is to provide shoppers with the best baby products available while simultaneously making a positive difference for moms living in poverty, and LilyPadz is proud to be a partner. LilyPadz will be offering a special website promotional code to TBBC customers, good for 20% OFF their purchase on In addition, all orders over $20 will also qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

The Baby Box Company represents a wonderful opportunity for an expecting mother to prepare for the birth of their little one, while helping another mother in need. If you know an expecting mother, consider helping her get prepared with a Baby Box, and look for the special offer from LilyPadz, the ONLY silicone reusable nursing pad. Don’t absorb the leak…Prevent it!
Learn more about The Baby Box Co. at
– Team LP