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Setting a new standard

Don’t absorb the leak… Prevent it.

LilyPadz® are the premier nursing pad! Their revolutionary, non-absorbent, patented design actually prevents breast milk leakage by providing gentle pressure on the nipple – keeping milk in the breast for your baby. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz provide nursing mothers with flexibility, breathability, invisibility and “second skin” comfort that no other nursing pad can offer. All of these qualities come together to help you enjoy doing what’s best for your baby while letting you shine too. What else would you expect from a product created by a mother of four?



LilyPadz® are the cost-effective solution to disposable nursing pads. Depending on the brand, a nursing mother can spend over $100 for disposable pads in the lifespan of just ONE pair of LilyPadz®. That’s nearly $40/month savings with LilyPadz®!

Disposable Pads

Clinically-proven to be safe

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz® are proven to be a safe nursing pad solution. One clinical study comparing LilyPadz® with absorbent pads demonstrated a decreased risk of many common breastfeeding complications including mastitis, thrush, and duct clogging in the LilyPadz® group.

Thin, discreet and comfortable

The ultra-thin design of LilyPadz® provides the most discreet and comfortable nursing pad on the market today. Our patented silicone design is unnoticeable under any type of clothing – giving you the freedom to look good and feel good and be confident.


No pad swapping

While other nursing pads simply absorb breast milk leakage, LilyPadz® actually prevent breast milk leakage at the source. By applying gentle pressure on the nipple, LilyPadz® ensures that milk stays in the breast where it belongs. This non-absorbent approach eliminates the need for inconvenient pad swapping and eliminates breast milk waste.


Go braless, swimming, sheer

LilyPadz® offer breastfeeding mothers with a variety of unique lifestyle benefits. The self-adhering application of LilyPadz® offers mothers the joy and comfort of braless sleep. Because they are non-absorbent, nursing mothers can also go swimming and wear strapless dresses with unmatched confidence.


Gentle and soothing on sore/cracked nipples

LilyPadz® silicone lining adheres to the skin, but not to colostrum or healing fluids present during injury, promoting healthy breast tissue – not to mention comfort!