Every so often, we receive messages from our breastfeeding customers who are experiencing issues with their LilyPadz® nursing pads. Perhaps the pads are no longer sticking, or a skin irritation exists, or maybe breast milk is still leaking. While we have included a FAQ and a product care guide on our website, we have found that we cannot just put out a one-size-fits-all help guide. Sometimes there are underlying problems we would never foresee because every situation is different. For example, although LilyPadz® are entirely washable and reusable, sometimes improper cleaning can cause the LilyPadz to lose their tack quicker than they should. As stated each person’s situation is unique, because it is based on their body, their baby, and their interaction with the LilyPadz®.

But we aren’t shying away from any problems by saying there is no catch-all solution. Instead we at LilyPadz® are readily prepared to help each customer with their frustrations on an individual basis. Each person’s problem and body are unique, and we want to hear about them so we can properly assess the situation and resolve it.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your LilyPadz nursing pads, please contact us at feedback@lilypadz.com, or message us on our Facebook or Twitter. We hope to learn from every experience so we can be an influential source for all breastfeeding mothers.

-Team LP