Do you wear a bra while sleeping? Many women sleep with a bra on because they’ve heard it will help keep the breasts perky and delay sagging. That, unfortunately, is a myth – breasts simply change with time and gravity. It is true that women with larger breasts may just feel more comfortable wearing a bra during sleep for support.

It’s also a myth that sleeping with a bra can help to cause breast cancer. In a study of postmenopausal women, researchers found no association between bra wearing and breast cancer risk.

Please note that if you do choose to wear a bra while sleeping, make sure it’s a soft one without underwires. Sleeping in a tight bra can damage delicate nerves, leading to possible pain and inflammation.

Women who are breastfeeding often wear a bra, because milk leakage can be uncomfortable and annoying. There’s nothing worse than waking up all wet from a deep sleep – especially when you’re tired from caring for your child! While there is no harm to wearing a bra while sleeping, most women find it uncomfortable and restrictive. It would be such a relief to feel free and be able to relax during this time of rest.

There is a solution: LilyPadz® prevent breast milk leakage at the source. They will stay attached to your breasts throughout the night without the discomfort of a bra, so you can sleep in joy and comfort without worrying about ending up all wet. LilyPadz® silicone lining adheres to the skin, but not to colostrum or healing fluids present during injury, promoting healthy breast tissue – even when your nipples may be sore or cracked from breastfeeding. And even better, LilyPadz® are entirely washable and reusable nursing pads.

– Team LP