It may seem nearly impossible to feel prepared for a new baby to arrive, and easy feel like there is an endless list of things you “need.” If you’re overwhelmed, we can’t blame you. Car seats and strollers, footies and diapers! But don’t forget to prepare yourself for breastfeeding, if that is part of your plan. Beyond bras and bottles and pumps, don’t forget your nipples! LilyPadz nursing pads are available to add to registries directly on Amazon or via platforms like Babylist or The Bump.


Nursing pads are often not high on the priority list for a new mom who has little or no experience with breastfeeding! Leaks and sensitivity can come as a surprise, leading to last minute runs to the store and limited options. But itchy, disposable pads are not the only option when it comes to nursing pads! Our revolutionary silicone nursing pads offer milk leak prevention, comfort, and freedom to wear whatever outfit you please, including swimwear.

Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads Are a Great Gift

LilyPadz silicone nursing pads are an excellent gift for the breastfeeding mom so she can be prepared to prevent leaks and increase comfort as she navigates her breastfeeding journey. Did you know less than 60% of babies in the US are still breastfeed by 6 months? Support and the right tools can make all the difference in breastfeeding working for mom and baby. Ask your expecting mom friend about her plans for breastfeeding and be sure you offer your support whatever her choice may be. If she is choosing breastfeeding, give her a leg up with our LilyPadz Starter Kit.


The NIH reports that at 6 months postpartum 66% of nursing moms were still struggling with leaking milk and most of those moms expressed negative sentiments about their leaking. Women often are frustrated with disposable and other reusable pad options because they are uncomfortable, often mean you must wear a bra 24/7, and can be sticky, smelly, or soggy. Our reusable silicone nursing pads gently adhere to the breast creating a fingertip like seal on the nipple and preventing leaks instead of absorbing them like other pads.


Gifts that support breastfeeding both help moms troubleshoot breastfeeding issues that come up, they also let her know you are there to support her breastfeeding journey. Knowing she has someone to reach out to when she wants to celebrate a win, or needs advice could make all the difference. A gift of LilyPadz nursing pads not only put the best nursing pads on the market in her hand, it also lets her know she has you standing behind her as well!


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